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This website presents the many aspects of the person that is me.

  • I believe I will never stop working! It is stimulating, enjoyable, and keeps me in touch with the dynamic world of healthcare and technology. See my work with Open Health Systems Laboratory, and SimTabs.
  • I stay in close touch with my alma mater, IIT Kharagpur. After leading many projects and serving as president of the Foundation, I now lead a team to collect stories from some of the earliest KGPians. See the book at these sites:
  • I have jumped wholeheartedly into a non-profit activity, Restoring Water Bodies in India, a project led by IITians.
  • I enjoy my family. Kalyan and I are empty-nesters, enjoying the minutiae of daily life. Our girls visit often. Rina is a neonatologist in Sacramento. Shona is a design evangelist for Google, here in Mountain View, but flying all over the world on work. Our grandson, Nico, is a total delight. I am fortunate that my siblings live here in the Bay Area, and I see them almost every week.
  • Kalyan and I also spend time with our friends, sharing our impressions in our book club, playing bridge every week, traveling together, and meeting very often for tea and dinner.
  • I used to garden but a recent back injury is pushing me towards smaller scale gardens. Bonsai??
  • I have ambitions to write my father's history and capture the wild changes that generation went through, from pre-independence village life to becoming a global and globe-changing diaspora.
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